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Adjusting your Strike Line

If your delivery is not hitting the pocket you’ve got a problem Here is what needs to be done.
To start, stand on board 15 at the dots (that’s the second dot to the right from the big center dot). Next – look at the second arrow and then roll your ball.
There is a chance that your shot will come up light – in this case all you have to do is to move to the right one to three boards with your feet on the approach. Don’t forget to keep your eyes in the same spot.
In case that your shot is coming up high you have to make the same adjustments as the ones mentioned earlier but to the left.
In both instances, the opposite is true for lefthanders.|If you are a lefthander the opposite would be true for you.|In both cases mentioned above the opposite is true for lefthanders.|Keep in mind that if you are a lefthander the opposite will be true for you.
Continue to make these adjustments until you hit the pocket.
After making the adjustments we have been talking hopefully you would be able to hit the pocket consistently.
If your good shots still are not striking consistently, there are some other small adjustments you can make, such as ball speed (faster or slower), lofting the ball, or putting more revolutions on the ball.
Keep in mind that all these adjustments are made through trial and error so don’t discourage.
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